One Full Decade Of Unbroken Track Record

27.09 % Annualized Return

One of the safest types of alternative investments

One full decade of unbroken track record is our best promise for the future.

High Returns

Algorithmic trading on forex markets allows for high returns in a relatively short time which makes it a viable option among serious investors.

Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

The proprietary trading algorithm uses orderbook dataflow from major exchanges and uses this information in conjunction with artificial intelligence to trade against retail traders.

Industry Leading Ratio 9:1

The Helium algorithm has recorded only one negative year in its 10 years of existence and is the only one in the world with such a long existence and results confirmed by an audit firm.

Immune to economic fluctuations

Most investments thrive during the economic growth and suffer during economic recessions. Helium is different since the algorithmic approach allows it to profit on foreign exchange markets even during an economic downturn.

How It Works?

The proprietary trading algorithm uses orderbook dataflow from major exchanges and uses this information to trade against retail traders. When retailers sell, our algorithm buys. When they buy, we sell. Because 90% of retail investors lose, we profit. It is that simple.

The algorithm is unique and the only one of its kind in the world.

When making its decisions, the algorithm sides with banks and other large institutional traders. By doing so, it trades against individuals who in 90% of cases lose money in the long term due to wrong decisions, and therefore algorithm generates profit.

The risk is minimized by the choice of G8 currencies that the algorithm trades in, as well as low leverage.


Our proprietary algorithm is trading against retail traders. When they win, the algorithm loses, and when they lose, the algorithm wins. Because 90% of retail investors lose in the long run, Helium investors profit.

Who Manages The Investments?

Investors' funds are being managed by our proprietary algorithm which is supervised by out trading experts.

The algorithm has been developed in one of the world’s largest retail forex trading companies. It doesn't have feelings and doesn't make emotional decisions.

The algorithm makes its decisions based on data, parameters and predefined logic.

Umetna inteligenca

Your Funds Are Always At Hand

Spremljanje na vseh napravah
  • You can check the performance of your investment anywhere and anytime with just a few clicks on your PC or smartphone.
  • You can deposit or withdraw your funds anytime you want
  • No time bindings and no hidden costs

Profit Sharing


Profit sharing in favor of the investor

Up to 1.000.000 €


1.000.000 € - 3.000.000 €


3.000.000 € - 10.000.000 €


More than 10.000.000 €


How To Invest?

Book a consultation date with one of our experts.

Discover how this type of investment complements your investment portfolio.

Sign the contract and deposit the funds.

Let the algorithm do the work.


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