About Us

Helium d.o.o. was established for the purpose of making a profit in the foreign exchange markets. Our main investment product, Helium, is an investment that is a great alternative to bank deposits, as it is relatively safe and at the same time brings high returns. It is proven to be the most profitable investment in the foreign exchange markets.

The main developer of our trading algorithm, David Kaplan, was one of the first employees for algorithmic trading at one of the world’s largest retail forex trading companies.

David witnessed the explosion of forex trading across the world. He also saw what happens when traders enter the market and don’t know what they’re doing.

He got seriously involved with trading while helping one of the world’s largest retail Forex trading companies launch a managed account earning nearly 40% a year based on the behavior of retail FX traders. Then, the regulators came along and decided that forex brokers weren’t allowed to offer managed accounts.

He found a way to collect the data on the behavior of retail traders and fine-tuned it into an even more powerful trading system.

David studied the strategy for 14 years and traded it live with his own money for 10 years. In fact, he generated a staggering return of over 750% trading this strategy.

He trades his own money so the exact same rules that power his account also apply to yours. Skin in the game is the only way to ensure complete alignment between profit and risk.

The Team

Tilen Repar


David Kaplan

Head trader and the main developer of the trading algorithm

Andrej Sosic

Marketing director

Izidor Bencina

District manager

Benjamin Samotorcan

Sales manager