How it works

Helium is a managed investment program that uses a proprietary computer algorithm to monitor currency exchange rates and make buying and selling decisions. Since 90% of retail traders lose money, the algorithm goes against them and thus makes money in the long run.

What is currency trading?

Simply put, it is about trading currencies or exchanging one currency for another, where the exchange can generate a profit or loss.

How is the profit made?

Because exchange rates change all the time, we can exchange one currency for another at some point and then back again at another point, making a profit when exchange rates change in our favor.

What does Helium do?

With the help of a computer algorithm and artificial intelligence, the Helium investment program monitors exchange rates in real-time and makes decisions when to exchange one currency for another in order to make a profit.

Most retail traders lose money trading on foreign exchange markets

Statistically, 90% of retail traders in the foreign exchange markets lose money and close their accounts within two years.

The reason is that they make the wrong decisions, due to ignorance, lack of time, and, above all, because they are opposed by the largest financial institutions.

These institutions are banks, insurance companies, large brokerage houses, hedge funds, and large speculators.

It’s like playing football against the best players like Messi or Ronaldo.

Why is the Helium investment program so successful?

We use a proprietary computer algorithm developed in the world's largest currency exchange. The algorithm analyzes a plethora of trading data and uses predetermined rules and artificial intelligence to make trading decisions.

Because the algorithm follows pre-set rules and has no emotions, it doesn’t make the mistakes we humans make. When humans make mistakes, Helium generates positive returns for investors.

Helium is thus the only algorithm with a 10-year track record that also has verified results by the audit firm.

Throughout its existence, the algorithm has recorded only one negative year and brings investors an average annual return of 9.31%.

Who is Helium suitable for?

Helium is a perfect match for investors who want to exploit the benefits of the foreign exchange markets yet do not want to spend countless hours every day, analyzing the data and making trading decisions. It is for people who cherish their time.

It is for people who understand that money needs to work for them and not vice versa, but do not have enough experience to invest safely in alternative investments on their own.

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High Yield

It is the most profitable investment in the currency exchange markets with a ten-year history.

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Helium is a relatively safe investment as it does not depend on the state of the economy and the movement of stock markets.

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Investors can check the performance of their investment at any time of the day.

No bindings

Investors can deposit more whenever they want and can withdraw their money within 3 days of submitting the application.

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